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Case Study

Hart Care Nursing Home

Hart is a registered, 54 bed nursing home in Yelverton, Devon. When Hart approached Care Control in 2014, they were seeking a way to streamline their operations and back-office processes, as well as making a move away from their existing paper-based system.

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Who are Hart Care Nursing Home?

Learning their Background

A registered 54 bed home in Yelverton, Devon. Hart have been using Care Control since April 2014. They have opted to have 3 Care Control Windows installations (one dedicated for staff) with a further 6 tablet units dotted around the home.

Understanding the Challenges

The move from a paper based system to computer records has been a significant change for the home, but owner Richard Hart is really positive about the outcome, “I made the decision in February to move to a computerised system to help manage and record the care we were providing. I reviewed many systems on the market and Care Control stood out as a system that was so easy to use, but still provided the level of detail required by CQC. With the use of computer tablets throughout our home, and the way Care Control ensures that care tasks are never forgotten, I am delighted at how the system is working for Hart Care.”

Finding their Solution

Staff at the home are also pleased with how Care Control is working. Jan Smith, deputy manager and nurse with 25 years experience said, “Care Control is very intuitive and easy to use. I have used other care computer systems before and often found them difficult to work with. Recording information on Care Control is quick and easy, and the quality of the care plan produced is of a very high standard indeed.”

Simply the best care home software system on the market!

Benefits of choosing
Care Control Systems:


Delivered good care outcomes with real-time monitoring and by enabling objective care decisions, for example behaviour charts supported the use of anti-depressants and anti-psychotics.


Gave definite, tangible time savings. Staff are now spending more time sitting with residents.


Greatly enhanced communication with it’s handover and messaging functions and “Red Flag” system.


Improved staff confidence by assuring them the required care had been completed.


Provided a clear audit trail for provable compliance.


Improved responsiveness with alerts to any potential issues and untoward events.


Enabled staff to instantly access a resident’s care plan and notes at the point of care, helping them to understand the need for the care and bridging the ‘knowing-doing’ gap.


Prepared the owner when visiting the homes and provided them with an instant overview of the homes’ statuses; enabled by system’s remote access capabilities.

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