Electronic Medication Administration Record

Medication is a challenge for the care home sector. Often the medication residents receive is complex and requires careful administration. Care Control eMAR reduces the risk of administration errors with the easy to use app.

Prescription scheduled
The prescription schedule defines which medications are due. Using a simple status screen, the residents who require medication are flagged. Staff simply touch the resident’s name to be taken to the administration screen.

Safeguards in place
Alerts are built into Care Control to help avoid medication errors. Overdose checks are in place for all medication types, controlled drugs must be administered by two persons and late medication is alerted to management.

Full support for topical medication
All topical medication can be loaded into the system including the associated administration schedule. Body maps can be used to inform staff of how the topical medication should be administered. Topical medication links seamlessly with the wider Care Control suite to ensure all staff can use this area.

eMAR, reports and audits
Staff can access a full electronic MAR sheet at any time. Reports are built in for low stock, missed medication or medication usage. Audits are included to support stock checking, seeing in of medication, disposal and ordering.