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Care Controls checklists for more than just Care

At Care Control we understand the importance of all aspects of running social care services, including cleaning, maintenance, kitchen and so on. That is why we have created customisable checklists which can be used for any area of running your business. The CQC like to see evidence of the housekeeping, maintenance etc as well the care planning, with Care Controls checklists, this is just adding more to the portfolio you can bring up when required for inspections. 

How Care Control’s checklists are useful:  

The checklists can be created and assigned by shift day or night, or specific time if it is time sensitive. 

You can allocate certain staff, job roles, or residents (the staff looking after the resident will need to action this job) to the task, so they can see their personalised lists of tasks to do. 

You can set the task to reoccur if it is a repeated task, i.e. hoovering or set it as a one-time task if it is not i.e. fix bedroom 5 windows.  

You can select whether a written response is required after the task is completed to give detail of what occurred or not. 

Tasks can be set up according to priority. 

Managers can see whether tasks they set have been completed from their admin portal. 

Staff get reminders if tasks are due or late, therefore they have responsibility if something is not done as they a reminder to hand of what they need to do. 

These checklists are all recorded on the cloud so can be pulled up at any point if you ever need to reference them or check when tasks were completed. Or if any issues occurred during completion, you would be able to see this through the notes if you allowed for a write-up after the task is done.  

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