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What are the benefits of a digital records system?

The CQC recently published guidance on what good digital social care records look like and suggested good quality records underpin safe, effective, compassionate and high-quality care. With a goal set by the health secretary for all health and social care providers to transition to a digital systems by 2024 we have put together a helpful guide on the benefits of a digital records system.

What are the benefits of digital records systems?

The CQC wrote the digital systems can provide food outcomes for people who use services. They can provide ‘real time’ information recoding about the care a support people need and receive. They help providers and carers become more aware when a person’s needs change allowing them to quickly respond.

Digital systems allow providers the ability to use and compare data that can potentially improve peoples care.  This can help minimise risks such as medication errors, dehydration and missed visits. Digital systems help support other health and care functions, such as doctors appointments or emergency hospital visits. So, what does a good digital record system look like?

Can a digital records system help save money?

Many care providers will be surprised to hear that a digital system can cost less that paper! Digital records save time, money and space. Here at Care Control we have had many customers move from paper based record keeping to digital. Many have been shocked at how much money they have saved!  

Changing to a digital way of working does not have to be aspirational and held back by excessive costs. If your already using a digital platform but are looking to switch to Care Control why not contact us to enquire about our pricing – we are confident we will be able to supply our market leading software at an affordable price!

To learn more about how Care Control can help reduce your costs and improve the level of care your business provides book a demonstration with one of our digital care professionals or call us on 01822 738100.

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