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The benefits of Digital Care Planning

The health and social care sector is an incredibly demanding one, with client needs constantly changing and strict regulations to adhere to. On top of this, there is a demand for administrative tasks as well as providing all the care required. All of this can be far more manageable with a digital care planning software solution.  

As you may be aware at Care Control, we have over 100 years of Care Experience amongst our staff. We have asked some of our care experienced staff for their opinions on the benefits of digital care planning. 

The benefits of digital care planning according to our care experienced staff: 

Matt Luckham- Care Control Managing Director: 

I tried to manage a care home using a paper-based system.  I found it impossible to have any form of proper oversight into the operation – an operation that by its nature must run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   

Countless times I discovered errors in recording “after the event” which subsequently required correction.  The most common error was that records were just missing.  Food charts were not updated, fluid intake was not recorded, and MAR charts missing signatures.   

I witnessed staff trying to remember what a service user had for breakfast to update paper notes after an 8, 10 or even 12-hour shift.  Not safe and not effective. 

There is no place for paper notes in a modern healthcare operation.  The risk is too great; without Care Control, it would be impossible to operate safely.  My care home remains Outstanding as rated by CQC and has been for over 4 years! Only 4% of care homes are rated outstanding by the CQC and Spring House is one of them!  

 Bekki Stephens- Implementation Specialist:  

It is more efficient to record when working on the floor! It saves time sitting down at the end of a shift and writing everything up, it also gives more time to provide care to service users. 

 Jenna Whitehead – Key Account Manager:  

Full transparency of what is going on in the home on a daily basis, able to see an overview of missed care tasks that have not been completed. Easy to evidence quality of care given and able to track audit trails quickly. 

  Shannon Pengelly- New Partnerships Executive:  

When working with young people, writing up incident reports could take up half of my day – I would have to then go through lengthy word documents to update all of the care plans and risk assessments etc. If the home I worked at had a digital system, this would have been so much quicker! In an environment which is often understaffed, time is so important too!  

 Kerrie Biram – Customer Service Manager: 

Care Control gives you easier and quicker access to service users’ information when needed, with reports being generated from information that is entered. Friends and Family are still involved even when they do not live close by which is great. 

 Natasha Crook – Implementation Specialist: 

The logins on Care Control create accountability because you can’t make notes without your name so no forgetting to sign! Also, no more having to decipher handwriting! Having pictures saved and easily assessable for friends and family instead of taking photos and waiting for them to be printed and delivered.  

The staff above have a range of experience from Care Workers, and Home Managers, to running their own Care Home or Domiciliary Business. Care Control was built by care professionals for care professionals. Our staff know and understand exactly what it is like to work in and run a care organisation and are here for you.  

At Care Control, we specialise in efficient and straightforward digital care plans. We provide a modern, user-friendly care management software programme that comes with a myriad of excellent features such as 24/7 access to critical information, care plan creation and editing, and much more. 

To find out more about how our digital care management software can help your organisation, please contact us today via this online form on our website or call us on 01822 738100.  

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