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Behind the screens: Kerri’s Care experience

Here at Care Control, we have over 100 years of care experience amongst our staff, helping to give you the best customer service from people who can relate to some of the experiences you have. We have interviewed each person who has worked in care and put together a fact file on each person, so you can know more about the people behind Care Control.Find out about Kerri’s Care experience below:

Kerri’s Care Experience:

Kerri Biram is our Customer Services Manager at Care Control and has been here for 3 years now. She has 20 years of care experience in Domiciliary and Care homes.

What type of care did you work in?

I worked in Domiciliary Care for 9 years and then I worked in Spring House a Dementia Residential Home for 11 years. I worked there a year longer than Matt has owned it.

What was your reason for going into care work?

I went into care as I like to help people and I felt like I would naturally do it without realising it. I also wanted to make people’s lives more enjoyable.

What is your favourite thing about working in care?

The people! My favourite thing was the people there were so many interesting people.

If you used digital software, how did it help your role?

Digital made everything so much easier. Running shifts became easier, keeping an eye on things and everything was up to date. Overall, everything was less stressy.

How was your transition from paper to digital?

It was scary at first as I was used to my ways. Now I just think, and I say to customers “it is like getting a new phone at first you don’t know where the buttons are then suddenly you start pressing things and knowing things without thinking”.

What is your favourite feature about Care Control?

The Care planning – how you can individualise it for everyone, the service user always comes first.

What feature of Care control would benefit you most if you went back into care?

All of it really, the care planning, how everything is up to date and in one place, so it stops you searching for paper for ages.

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