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Digital care management tailored to the way you care. Let's make the switch to digital

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Our mission is simple, to empower those dedicated to delivering care and improving outcomes for people you support.

Used by over 80,000 users nationwide and trusted by top-tier companies.

Software designed, built and adaptable for any care setting. Solutions for every factor

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Digital care notes are recorded everyday!

Fully Integrated Care Management System Take a look at our...

Our care management system is designed to streamline your processes and offer a full suite of essential functionality – all from a single provider. As the most comprehensive care planning software on the market, we give our clients access to complete patient management functionality and essential business tools, with a number of other great features included as standard.

Our electronic care planning facilities allow care homes, domiciliary care providers, nurses, and support living workers to instantly access and update patient records – ensuring live, up-to-date information can be accessed at all times, great features included as standard.

Everything you need, anytime, anywhere right at your fingertips. Don't look any further.

When you’re choosing a care management software package for your business, it can be difficult to find a solution that works seamlessly on mobile devices, laptops and PCs. With Care Control’s care planning app, you can be assured that you’ll be able to seamlessly access your important information and sensitive data quickly and easily.

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Simplifying Care Administration Since 2012 A tried and tested provider.

Experience the ultimate convenience with our comprehensive All-in-One Care Management Software Solution, providing a robust and integrated platform for seamless healthcare management

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Trusted Excellence: Tried, tested, and a true Care Management Software Solution

What others say about our care management system. Solutions for every factor

Maroof Olagunju

Care Control is very easy to use. It also eradicates the era of bulky paperwork in recording the daily activities of the service user.

Ellyssee Lee

Care control is easy to use and has all the right features to be able to document properly and efficiently.

Taiwo Shittu

Care Control has been wonderful. It provides staff with the ability to track previous activities of service users, their risk assessments, and all other tasks carried out by other staff. Even when handover is almost impossible, incoming staff can track all activities that have been completed, which is fantastic.

Oluwafemi Osho

Care Control is an excellent app which is a very flexible solution for staff and is easily accessible. Care Control reduces stress for staff. Care Control helps staff get to know more facts about the behaviours of the residents.

Katharine Merrywea

CareControl has set us on a journey towards excellence in record keeping and compliance. The manager alert system gives me peace of mind that anything important that staff record comes straight through to my email!

David Kinzett

I have only used it for 7 months, but find it a good reliable system. Easy to use in both formats, mobile and tablet versions.

Conor Cawley

Brilliant at keeping a record of everything to ensure that the residents are well looked after…

Susan Pickersgill

Excellent system. It has all we need to run our home effectively and with full compliance. Brilliant Rota system, holiday planning. Who could wish for more?

Dean Webster

A great system that’s easy to use and makes our job that bit easier.

Keeley Lewis

Amazing for documentation much better than pen to paper!

Naomi Ball

The system does exactly what it says on the tin…user friendly, give us full compliance and oversight and even the most technophobic staff are loving being digital!

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